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Sewer & Drain Line Cleaning

Sewer & Drain Line Cleaning

Midway Sewer can handle ANY clogged drain you have. Kitchen/laundry/bathroom sinks, toilets, floor drains or main sewer lines. We do our best to clear the clogs you may have. There are times when due to the plumbing of a home we may not be able to clear it, at this point we would let you know what should happen in order to be able to clear it. Sometimes we need better access or a house trap needs to be removed in order to properly clear the line. When cabling a line, we have options for different sized cutters or rotating blades that can go through the line and clear the obstruction.

Tree roots in a sewer line is a common thing but it is also something that needs to be maintained. It is never a job that is done once and then you don’t have to worry about it again. If roots are in the sewer line, even after trees have been removed – roots do continue to grow, maybe at a slower rate but they still grow. Ask the technician about televising the line or what he recommends on how often the line should be cleaned. You never want to ignore tree roots for multiple years as this will cause damage to the line and eventually gets to a point where the line is unable to be cleaned because the roots are so infested. Roots are like rust; they won’t go away. Maintaining the sewer line by cleaning the roots out annually will help preserve your line longer but it will eventually need repair. Cleaning a line of roots never fully removes the roots either, this is why it should be maintained or repaired. If your line has roots, things will catch up on the roots easier and then cause backups so be careful about what you are flushing down the line. By maintaining your line, you may extend the life of your line by years and put off the repair costs for a while.

Water jetting lines is an option when it comes to a greasy or sludgy line or even if the cabling doesn’t seem to be doing the job. Water jetting is a high-pressured hose that sprays water forwards and backwards at 4000psi. Water jetting is not always an option as this method does have a high risk for flooding so the area that they enter the line would need to be in an area that can withstand some standing water or outside. Our jetters are also unlikely to make it through house traps or around corners or bends. We have been successful at times, but not always. Smaller lines such as kitchen or bathroom sink lines are also more difficult to use the water jetter on. Jetting the line ultimately will depend on the plumbing layout and current situation. We also would need running water to hook our equipment up to.