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Televising Sewer Line

TV/Video Inspection & Location Services

Televising a sewer line is becoming more common with the sale of a home. This is a great idea to see what kind of shape the sewer line is in and if it will potentially cause some future issues. Our sewer inspection cameras are able to see into lines as big as 8 inches and as small as 1 1/2 inches. Much like our jetters, the cameras have a harder time going around house traps. There have been times when we are successful but most of the time, we are unable to do so and would rather not break our equipment in trying harder. Our cameras are able to go out as far as 200 feet and we can record the inspection on a USB flash drive. Our cameras are also unable to see through the water so the line must be open and flowing in order for the camera to do any good.

Locating services
We can use our camera equipment to locate sewer and drain lines as well. We have a signal in the camera head and then place that down the line and walk above the line with a wand that detects the signal. Our latest equipment is thought to be pretty accurate as people have told us after we have located it and they have dug up it was within inches of our results. We don’t know if this is the case with all of them as there are some things that can throw the signal off but we should be within a foot or so.

Pipe Thawing
We have the equipment to thaw out that frozen sewer line. We are unable to thaw smaller lines such as kitchen and bathroom sinks though, these are too small for our equipment. We have water jetters as well as a steamer we use for thawing. We do not thaw water lines, only sewer lines.